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GCB MAX: The Green Coffee Bean Extract Supplement That Works

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Green Coffee Bean Extract, or GCBE, is the go-to weight loss product on the market right now for one simple reason: it works. It’s changing lives and it has a lot of people talking including Dr. Oz (Dr. Oz Show) and Dr. Lindsey Duncan (Chairman and CEO at Genesis PURE).

Due to popularity, GCBE products are flying off the shelves. In fact, it has been difficult for health stores to keep up with the demand. Why? Because it actually works!

However, you should be aware that there are poor quality GCBE products on the market right now that cannot deliver on their weight loss claims.

GCB MAX is different.

Here is how you know that GCB MAX is the real deal.

The GCB MAX product:

• contains 800mg of pure green coffee bean extract per dose with

o 50% chlorogenic acid content (similar to quantities tested in previous studies and recommended by Dr. Oz), and

o GCA® green coffee antioxidant (also as recommended by Dr. Oz)

• is made from natural green coffee beans with no additives, fillers, or binders

• has no negative side effects, including headaches or jitters

• burns stored fat and discourages the storage of new fat

• eliminates or reduces food cravings

• does not require diet or exercise

• increases metabolism

• suppresses appetite

• vegetarian friendly

Plus GCB MAX has a 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee that ensures if you don’t lose weight with GCB MAX, you can get your money back—no questions asked!

GCB MAX offers you the dietary boost you need to lose weight with a product that is both natural and avoids the binders, fillers, and additives common to so many other products.

You’ve arrived at the beginning of the end of your weight loss journey. Get started with GCB MAX today!

What Is GCBE? (H2)

Green coffee beans are coffee seeds from the Coffea frutis plant in their raw, unroasted, and natural state.

The difference between green coffee beans and the roasted version is that green coffee beans contain chlorogenic acid. Once high heat is applied to roast the beans, around 90% of the critical chlorogenic acid is stripped from the bean—which is why drinking coffee will not provide the same weight loss effect as GCBE.

GCBE contains many natural health benefits and has a history of use to reduce risk of glycemic disorders, such as diabetes, as well as addressing hypertension.

When used properly, GCBE is natural and there are no known side effects at this time.

What Is the Secret Behind GCBE and Weight Loss? (H2)

Studies have shown that chlorogenic acid in GCBE is the critical component for weight loss. It boots the metabolism rate which causes the liver to burn fat more quickly and efficiently. It also discourages the additional absorption of fat so that new fat is not stored in the emptied fat cells.

However, what you want are results.

Two major studies have been completed to test the effectiveness of GCBE when used for weight loss.

The first test was conducted in January 2012 and presented at the American Chemical Society (ACS) in San Diego. Results showed “significant reductions” in the areas of:

• body weight

• body mass index

• percentage of body fat, and

• slightly lowered heart rates.

Participants lost an average of 17.5 pounds in 22 weeks.

Based on the staggering findings of the first study, Dr. Oz conducted his own study in 2012 with 100 female volunteers, all categorized as clinically overweight. The study was conducted publicly on the Dr. Oz Show, utilizing the show’s Medical Unit, and under the guidance under two consulting doctors: Dr. Caroline Apovian and dietician Kristen Kirkpatrick.

The results were dramatic. Participants in Dr. Oz’s study lost an average of three pounds per month with no change to their activity levels or dietary foods.

How Do You Know GCB MAX Is the Right Choice for a GCBE Supplement? (H2)

Dr. Oz’s independent recommendations for choosing a GCBE product include the following:

• product should contain 45% or more chlorogenic acid for effectiveness

• the ingredient label must list either the GCA® (green coffee antioxidant) or Svetol® extracts

• avoid brands with artificial fillers and ingredients

• consume a dosage similar to the study of 400 milligrams three times a day

GCB MAX meets or exceeds all GCBE recommendations made by Dr. Oz. This all-natural product is made of:

• 50% chlorogenic acid

• GCA® (green coffee antioxidant) as the green coffee extract ingredient

• no additives (also vegetarian friendly)

• two 800 milligram doses taken twice daily for a total of 1600 milligrams

When you buy GCB MAX, you are buying a high quality product from a manufacturer that did not cut corners to save money, or add a bunch of fillers to the final product to make it look impressive, but that don’t really boost the products performance.

GCB MAX is all natural and consists of only two quality ingredients. The company stands behind their product and offers a 60 Day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee so you know you have nothing to risk.

But Does It Work on Real People? (H2)

What Is the Best Pricing Option? (H2)

If you are interested in serious savings, purchase the five (5) month supply to receive an amazing 70% discount—including two FREE bottles of product.

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